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Try A Delicious Vegan Burger

Everyone loves a good burger, whether you’re a meat-eater or not. We offer customizable and delicious vegan burgers so all of our customers can experience a tasty Burgerim meal. Our veggie patties combine flavorful and nutritious ingredients to create a mouth-watering vegan option. Our vegan burger is so delicious, even carnivores will want to try it!




Our Concept Beyond the Vegan Burger

We like to provide all of our customers with a better fast food experience. We not only provide delicious alternatives to meat, but also provide you with options to truly make your vegan burgers your own so you’re not stuck with an average veggie burger. You can choose your own bun, toppings and sauce so it’s truly yours for the building. Enjoy your vegan burger at one of our stylish and modern restaurant locations or for a more convenient option, have your vegan burger delivered!

Our Vegan Menu Items

We care about giving all of our customers a delicious burger option, regardless of dietary needs, whether you’re vegan, require gluten-free food, or you’re simply looking for healthy options. Try our vegan burger add-ons by ordering a duo, trio, or party box of vegan burgers and customizing each with vegan-friendly toppings. Choose the veggie patty and opt for a salad instead of a bun. Add avocado, sautéed mushrooms, or pineapple to your vegan burger for an extra nutritious boost. You can always opt for one of our other alternatives to meat like our quinoa, root, kale, and panzanella salads.